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How do I store inputs (Edit Text/Pop-up) in a GUI which are to be passed as arrays in another .m file?

Asked by Ashish Dewan on 19 Sep 2013

I have made a MATLAB GUI attached (zip file) with the question. Also, attached is a Model_Main.m file. There are some user inputs (line 7 to 93) which are passed in the Model_Main.m. Instead of that, now the inputs are passed through the GUI (can be seen in the GUI made).

1. How can I pass the inputs as arrays? The inputs are to be passed in the order mentioned in Model_Main.m

2. The Inputs need to stored for the execution of the Model_Main.m which is performed by pressing Service Optimization in the GUI. How is this achieved?

Answers in the form of 'code' would be appreciated.


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