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Several figures - all the same coloring for each category plotted

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Hello everyone,
I am currently having a problem plotting a dataset in several figures. It is always the same categories of data (7 categories x27 data points), which I am showing in several line plots and barcharts. I want the categories to always have the same colors in each figure. Strangely the line plots use a different color distribution than the barcharts, which I tried fixing by using colormap - didnt help. Changing everything by hand in the GUI seems very cumbersome, so I was hoping there might be a work-around to it automatically plots everything in the same way?
My sample code is:
% the 7 categories by 27 data points; the categories should have the same
% coloring over all figures created
figure % Figure 1, Barchart
hold on
coloring = get(gcf,'Colormap'); % saving the color schemes in variables
color = get(gca,'ColorOrder');
color1 = get(gca,'CLim');
v = caxis(gca);
hold off;
figure % Figure 2, line charts
hold on
set(gcf,'Colormap',coloring); % trying to apply above color variables, with no effect

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