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I need to learn the Debugger - is there a good tutorial on the net

Asked by Tabitha on 19 Sep 2013

hi guys,

i'm not at all a programmer. i suppose if i was dating one i wouldn't have these problems matlab has been really really helpful to code with, but still i'm pretty bad at it. i know there is a debugger in matlab, but i keep messing up when i try to use it. so i debug the old school way, and i'm not even old enough to know what the old school way is.

can someone point me to a website (i couldn't find one) that has a tutorial on how to use the debugger?

i'm using R2010a, if that helps

thanks guys!!!



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2 Answers

Answer by per isakson
on 19 Sep 2013

Here are some links on debugging in Matlab


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Answer by Jan Simon
on 20 Sep 2013

Dear Tabitha, you ask actively for instructions to use the debugger. This is a very good strategy and shows that you have a solid foundation for a reliable programming. Even debugging the "old school way" is something, which can solve about 25% to 50% of the questions in this forum directly.

Therefore I've voted for the question as others have done before.


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