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Partial sums need help writing a program for computing partial sums

Asked by Gervais
on 20 Sep 2013

Hey guys, I'm completely rookie to Matlab, I have a couple of assignments for my Numerical Methods class and I'd appreciate your help. 1)Write a short program (e.g. in Matlab) to compute partial sums. How many terms are needed to obtain 3 correct digits of π/4 ?

2) Write a program to compute the partial sum S_N for x = -25, and various values of N. How do you explain that your answer is never close to e^(-25) regardless of how you choose N?

Again I'm completely new to coding, programming and all that good stuff, my instructor hasn't even held a single lab session, yet we have to find this one on our own. Thanks again for the suggestions.


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1 Answer

Answer by Jan Simon
on 20 Sep 2013
Edited by Jan Simon
on 20 Sep 2013

What is your question? After "we have to find this one on our own" it is hard to reply anything useful. But you've found your way to the forum by your own and this was a good idea. Now using the search function allows for finding a lot of related discussions.

Another very useful strategy is reading the Getting Started chapters of Matlab's documentation. They are written by professionals for beginners. The forum cannot beat this powerful introduction in all basics of Matlab.

For the further discussion here I recommend to try to program as much as you can, post the code here and eithr the occurring error message or a description of the difference between your expectations and the results.


I need instructions on how to go about solving this. How do I create the code..

As to your second problem, I would recommend you reading this article:'

@Gervais: It seems like you do not get my point. Without a specific question, I cannot help you.

I've added the doit4me tag, because I do not see any own effort from you.

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