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How can I write a spesific math function, can anyone help?

Asked by rania
on 23 Sep 2013

I want the program to calculate dV(r)/dLnr= V(r)dN(r)/dLnr, where dN/dr = number distribution and I have the "N" in ".txt" files.. How can I write that code? (I know how to define the pathname, in order to open the folder with the txt files).How can I define the "ln" and the "d/dr"? and then I must plot dV(r)/dLnr= V(r)dN(r)/dLnr -Yaxis, radius-Xaxis, x-axis has just numbers from 0.0 to 18.0 um. I wasn't very clear, was I? I'm sorry, but I m realy confused.:( if anyone can give any Ideas, it woyld be very helpful.


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2 Answers

Answer by rania
on 23 Sep 2013

this is what I want to get in the end


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Answer by J Smith
on 23 Sep 2013

Use Differentiation function if you are looking for that. That is what i could infer from your question.

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If the N are in a text file, my interpretation would be that numeric solutions are required, such as by using gradient()

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