How can I select a point in the figure by mouse?

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M G on 23 Sep 2013
Hi Matlab experts,
I would like to plot (in 3D) a number of points which are selectable from the figure. Please see the image attached (EEG_cap.bmp). I have all coordinates (X,Y,Z) and I can plot it using plot3d function. However, I want a way that enables the user to select each (one or more) of these points (electrodes) by mouse. For example, by clicking on each of them the color turns red and allows user to know that these point are selected for further operations. At the same time the system saves those channels name.
I really appreciate any hint.
Best... :-)
"This figure is originally generated by EEGLAB"

Answers (2)

David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 23 Sep 2013
You need to make use of
functions. Look in matlab help for examples on how to use them and retreive cursor position/data.

Arthur on 23 Sep 2013
I would make use of the buttondownFcn of the line.
The easiest if you make each point a separate object (e.g. a line). Than the ButtonDownFcn can be as easy as:

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