How do I log my signals at a high rate, while maintaining good SDI performance using SLRT?

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I am using Simulink Data Inspector (SDI) to view 15 signals at 10kHz from Simulink Real-Time (SLRT). SDI works without issue for 100-200s after which it starts to have a 2-3s buffer. Is there any way that I can improve the performance of SDI without reducing my sample rate?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 28 Oct 2021
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 28 Oct 2021
The first recommendation would be to upgrade to the latest MATLAB release. We are continuously working on improving the performance of SDI so that using the newest MATLAB can be beneficial.
Secondly, it is possible to work around this by using a lower sample rate for SDI. For example, you can change the "Logging Sample Time" of the signal to 0.1 so that you will see a lower rate signal in SDI, allowing SDI to run more smoothly during simulation. To edit the "Logging Sample Time", right-click the logging badge (wi-fi symbol) for the signal, and select "Properties".
Lastly, consider adding File Log blocks to save the complete data for post-processing. At the same time when logging the signal in SDI, you can log the signals via a File Log block which will preserve the original sample time of the signal. More information on File Log blocks can be found at:

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