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About number of weights and hidden layer in neural network MATLAB 2012b

Asked by DSP
on 29 Sep 2013
Latest activity Answered by Greg Heath
on 30 Sep 2013

Dear Prof Greg,

I found the followings from answers in MATLAB replied by you--

""Find a good value for the number of hidden nodes, H, by trial and error. Create numH*Ntrials nets in a double loop: An outer loop H = Hmin:dH:Hmax over number of hidden nodes and an inner loop i = 1: Ntrials over number of random trn/val/tst data divisions and random weight initialization trials for each value of H.

I typically use numH ~ 10, Ntrials ~ 10 and tabulate results in Ntrials X numH matrices.

Many examples can be obtained by searching the NEWSGROUP and ANSWERS using the keywords""

Greg Ntrials Nw""

My question: 1) Is there any books/links /websites refering the above mathematical equations of Nw, Ntrnq etc ? Or this is an emperical formulae(i.e just by experience) Please pardon if it is an inane query.thanks a lot.


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1 Answer

Answer by Greg Heath
on 30 Sep 2013
 Accepted Answer

Most of what I post is home grown from my 30 years of experience with neural nets. I have posted in as well as MATLAB NEWSGROUP and ANSWERS. I try to keep my notation as consistent as possible. However, changes do happen.

So, if you want a better or just different look/explanation of something in one of my postings. Try searching and listing posts from the present backwards. I have used the following email addresses

If you still have questions after a reasonable search, just post on NEWSGROUP or ANSWERS. I don't use much anymore.



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