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Determining stop band attenuation from FIR Filter properties?

Asked by Saumya
on 30 Sep 2013
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on 30 Sep 2013


I am trying to determine the Filter properties mostly stop band attenuation of a FIR Filter designed by the given coefficients stored in a row vector. To design the filter from the given coefficients, I am trying to use either 'dsp.FIRFilter' or 'dfilt.dffir'. I am not able to use the 'measure' command on the objects obtained.

Is there any other command (other than measure) using which I can extract the value of the stop band attenuation which I have to compare with a given value?

Thank you


For example, if I try: b=fir1(10,0.4); h=dsp.FIRFilter('NumeratorSource','Property','Numerator',b);

h is the same object as created by the 'design' command but measure is responding to the h returned by dsp.FIRFilter while it does for 'design' returned object. In the help link, it is mentioned that 'measure' accepts filter objects from dsp.FIRFilter ???

Please help!

Sorry for the typo: 'measure' is not responding to dsp.FIRFilter returned filter object

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