osm file(download from openstreetmap website) be imported to roadrunner? is it possible? and how?

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i am trying get a roadrunner file based on one street in beijing, but i have nothing in hand now. so first step i download *.osm file from www.openstreetmap.org website. sceond step would be importing it to roadrunner, but it doestn't work. why, and how? thanks.

Answers (2)

Peter Fryscak
Peter Fryscak on 24 Mar 2022
This functionality has been extended in RoadRunner 2022a. See: Build Roads Using OpenStreetMap Data - MATLAB & Simulink (mathworks.com)

Kyle Lazerson
Kyle Lazerson on 18 Oct 2021
Are you seeing any errors when trying to import?
Import steps: https://www.mathworks.com/help/roadrunner/ref/vectordatatool.html




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