List of built-in data sets?

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Patrick on 2 Oct 2013
Commented: Adam Danz on 21 Nov 2019
A command that loads up a list of data is
load stocks
I was just wondering if there's a list of all of the built-in data sets like this.

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Jan on 2 Oct 2013
Edited: Jan on 2 Oct 2013
Do you mean a list of all MAT files inside Matlab's root folder? This can be answered easily by the OS: Simply search for "*.mat" there.
There are many tools for a recursive search in the FileExchange also, such that you can start this investigation from Matlab directly.

Tewodros Wondimu Robi
Tewodros Wondimu Robi on 2 Dec 2018
This page has a list of sample data sets that are built into matlab. Find the link below;


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