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Use function inside a loop that gives the function's output multiple times - How to avoid overwriting output?

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Dimitris K
Dimitris K on 3 Aug 2021
Commented: Stephen on 4 Aug 2021
Hello everyone,
I am using a function that i have wrtitten inside a for loop..
i.e. for i=1:100
The output of one step is input for the function in the next step and so on...
I know that i can use indexing and an array S to store everything there (e.g S(i+1), S(i))... However I am looking for a more sophisticated way!!
Is there one ?? I need these looped function outputs for plotting my results...

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Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng on 3 Aug 2021
If you want to plot it, you need the array, right? What else do you have in mind then?
Stephen on 4 Aug 2021
" I was trying to avoid using all the i+1 etc cause sometimes it can be confusing for someone that reads my code"
Indexing is a basic MATLAB technique for accessing data in arrays.
You can assume that in general someone reading MATLAB code will not be confused by a simple i+1 index.

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