I am unable to complete a connection to my MATLAB installation from MATLAB Mobile.

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Thomas Hansen
Thomas Hansen on 4 Oct 2013
Commented: Pradeep on 7 Oct 2013
I have MATLAB 2013a Student Version for Linux. When I use "connector on" it says the connector is running, and I am able to do the connect test to it via a web browser, even on the iPhone.
In addition, it does perform a password check, because if I purposely put in the wrong password in the Mobile app on the iPhone, it will come up immediately upon attempting to connect and say that I have the incorrect password.
However if I specify the correct password, it then hangs waiting for the connection to complete, and eventually times out. There are no other errors or other messages displayed by the MATLAB on my PC or the iPhone.
I am able to connect to MATLAB Cloud from my iPhone and execute commands just fine.
Please advise. Thank you.
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Pradeep on 7 Oct 2013
Thomas, I'd like to get more information to try to reproduce this. What version of MATLAB Mobile are you using? Also, what version of iOS does your iPhone run?

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