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How can I interactively select parts of a mesh to segment it into smaller meshes for analysis?

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Romain W
Romain W on 7 Oct 2013
Edited: Romain W on 7 Oct 2013
Hi all,
I was wondering how from trisurf mesh, I can possibly select some triangles and associate the selected group of triangles to a new mesh? For instance, if I have a simple plane model, I can select the wing and give it a name 'wing'.
The idea is to have a GUI where I can hover the pointer of the mouse on top of the area where I want to select triangles, hold left mouse button, select given triangles, and release button to get a dialog box asking to give a name to the selected mesh portion. I obviously need a method to select a lot of triangles at once (my typical mesh is about 100k triangles).
Hope this is possible,
Thank you very much in advance,


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