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Solve the system x’=4x-2xy; y’=-3y+3xy; with initial condition varying in the rectangle [0,7]X[0,7]. Use at least five different points.

Asked by Jenn
on 9 Oct 2013
Latest activity Commented on by sixwwwwww
on 10 Oct 2013

Can someone please help me with this, I am new using the program and I really do not know what to do,

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Nasty little system, not very tractable to analysis.

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2 Answers

Answer by sixwwwwww
on 10 Oct 2013
Edited by sixwwwwww
on 10 Oct 2013

I will come back to it soon


But for different initial conditions we will have different integration constants values. Then it should work

Even with specific boundary conditions, the integrals along the way have the singularity at x = 0 or y = 0

Probably you are right it's not easy to solve it directly. Thanks for correction

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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 10 Oct 2013

Hint: for

x' = 2*x^3 + sin(x)     %random example

you would code

fun = @(x) 2 * x.^3 + sin(x);
ode45(fun, [StartTime, EndTime], [InitialX, InitialY])

such as

ode45(fun, [0 20], [3 7])


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