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Capture mouse location beyond screen coordinates

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Chacha on 23 Oct 2013
Hi Jan,
I am writing you because you seem to answer almost every question I search for. Now that my search is not producing anything, I thought I might go ahead and try you now . My question regards mouse position. I am currently coding a program where I would like the mouse to 1)allow the mouse to go off-screen and 2)record its positions while there (and invisible).
The reason I need this functionality: I am programming a game where I am trying to make the user move the mouse a lot to produce just a little movement in an object. That means for a large change in mouse position, I am only allowing the object they are controlling to move a bit. Because large position changes will result only in small motion changes, the resolution of the screen does not provide me with the range I need to give the user the ability to move the object in a wide range, as I would like. I want them to be able to laboriously drag the mouse through a large range on the table to produce the movement.
The problem, I cannot find any way to track the mouse in a range that is larger than the screen resolution, either with MATLAB or with Psychtoolbox.
Any ideas?
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Sergio Delle Monache
Sergio Delle Monache on 26 Jun 2019
Hi Chacha,
I'm facing exactly the same problem and was wondering if back in 2013 you were able to find a solution to our common problem. Thanks,

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