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Is it possible to install an Individual or Designated Computer license of MATLAB and access Concurrent toolboxes?

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I have MATLAB installed locally and I would like to be able to access toolboxes under a Concurrent license from a server machine.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 18 May 2021
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 18 May 2021
It is possible to set up your local MATLAB installation to access concurrent toolboxes. If you are using R2008a or later, this can be done on any platform. For versions prior to R2008a, this is available for Windows and Mac machines only. Follow the below instructions to set this up.
NOTE: Product dependencies must be met on a single license. For example, if toolbox B requires toolbox A, then toolbox A must exist on the same license as toolbox B.
R2008a and higher:
  1. Install and activate MATLAB and the toolboxes from the Individual or Designated Computer license.
  2. Install the toolboxes from the Concurrent license. When prompted to browse to a license file, point to a copy of the license.dat file from the Concurrent server.
You will now be able to access toolboxes from both licenses.
R2007b and below:
  1. Install MATLAB and any toolboxes for your Individual license according to our instructions in the Installation Guide.
  2. Once this installation is complete, move the 'license.dat' file out of the $MATLABROOT\bin\win32 (Windows) or the $MATLABROOT/etc (Mac) directory to a convenient place (such as the desktop).
  3. Start the installation for the Network Concurrent license (you will need a copy of the 'license.dat' file from the license server for this Concurrent installation).
  4. Choose the same installation directory you used for the Individual license install.
  5. On the screen where you can choose the products that you wish to install, choose only the products that are not included in the Individual license.
  6. Start the installation and make sure to select the 'Custom' installation option when prompted.
  7. After the installation is complete, rename the new $MATLABROOT\bin\win32\license.dat (Windows) or $MATLABROOT/etc/license.dat (Mac) file to 'license.lic'.
  8. Move the original 'license.dat' file which you moved in Step 2 back to the $MATLABROOT\bin\win32 (Windows) or $MATLABROOT/etc (Mac) directory.
You should now be able to use your Individual MATLAB with Network Concurrent toolboxes.
NOTE: You will NOT be able to mix licensed products from Individual UNIX/Linux licenses and Concurrent licenses on release R2007b and below. The above Instructions will only work when MATLAB is installed locally under an Individual license on a Windows or Mac machine.

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