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Why can I not see all my mapped drives from the "OPEN" or "SAVE" dialog boxes in MATLAB?

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I have network installation of MATLAB. The network uses a desktop management software. When some users log in, the dialog box opened by choosing "File-> Open" or "File-> Save" displays the local drives only. All the other mapped drives do not show in these dialog boxes.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 9 Feb 2012
The issue that all the mapped drives are not seen from the "Open" or "Save" dialog boxes usually reflects a complex interaction between network file servers, the network, the Windows client, and MATLAB.
This issue can be caused by certain Windows resources being exhausted. The fix in such a case is to tell MATLAB to not obtain Change Notification Handles for user directories, which prevents the resource problem on Windows.
In order to see if the above solution works, insert this statement at the beginning of 'matlabrc.m' (Type the following at MATLAB prompt to obtain the 'matlabrc.m' file :
edit matlabrc.m ):
system_dependent('RemotePathPolicy', 'None');%
This will prevent MATLAB from obtaining Change Notification Handles for any user directories.
Note that although the above solution fixes the issue with "OPEN" and "SAVE" dialog boxes not showing mapped drives, a new problem that may come up is that MATLAB will not detect any changes to the user directories, such as new or changed MATLAB program files.

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