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How do I export primitive data from MuPAD Waterman plots for use in MATLAB?

I need to extract the coordinates of the vertices of the waterman polyhedron that are generated by the MuPAD "plot::waterman" command.

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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 27 Jun 2009
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The ability to directly export this data is not available in MuPAD.
There is a workaround:
First create an example MuPAD file, ''. Open MuPAD by typing 'mupad' at the MATLAB command prompt, and put the following commands in the MuPAD notebook file:
contents of "":
export::stl("C:\\TEMP\\waterman.stl", plot::Waterman(5)):
y := matrix(x):
Now close MuPAD and reopen it using the following command:
Now run the statements inside of MuPAD by selecting in MuPAD: Notebook -> Evaluate All...
Finally, execute the following at the MATLAB command prompt:
y = mu.getVar('y');
z = num2cell(y);
z = cellfun(@double,z,'UniformOutput',false);
points = cell2mat(z(:));
The waterman points will be in the variable "points" in the code above. The code above works by writing a temporary STL file to a temporary directory. For non-windows platforms, you will need to change the path to the temporary directory.

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Is it possible to get the coordinates of all points (sphere centres) inside the polyhedron? I was thinking of creating a system of close-packed spheres from this.

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