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Is there a way to pass line properities to the BODE command in the Control System Toolbox?

I would like to set the linewidth of the resultant plots generated by BODE using the following syntax:

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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 27 Jun 2009
 Accepted Answer

The ability to change the line parameters (other than line and marker style) from the BODE command is not available in the Control System Toolbox.
As a workaround, you can use the following syntax to change the line width (or any other line property):


Yeah that is working, i think only way to change line width . Thanks

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Answer by Alexander Kosenkov on 21 Oct 2014

What about returned handle?
h = bodeplot( ... )
h.Responses(i).Style.LineWidth = 2; % doesn't change the line
h.updatestyle % reset styles instead of updating the plot
Can this approach be used for changing the line?


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