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Why do I receive an error that there was a problem extracting the archives when installing MATLAB?

When running the MATLAB installer, I receive the following error:
"There was an error extracting the archives for MATLAB. Check that you have enough disk space and rerun the installer"
Extract Error
The following files do not appear to be valid archives
I have plenty of free disk space, but the same error comes up every time I run the installer.


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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 25 Oct 2013
 Accepted Answer

This error may occur if the installation files for some or all of your products are corrupt, missing, or for the wrong operating system architecture.
If you are running the installation from the MATLAB DVD and you are receiving this error, the disc may be damaged, or your DVD drive may not be able to read the disc. If this is the case, contact Customer Service here to request a new MATLAB DVD:
If you are installing MATLAB from downloaded files, the file for the product may be corrupt, missing, or for the wrong operating system architecture (Example: .glnx86 is for 32-bit Linux, .glnxa64 is for 64-bit Linux).
Download a new copy of the file in the error message and replace the existing download. Once you have downloaded a new file, simply rerun the installer to install your product.

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Check that the exe is closed. Mine was open.

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