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Why does MATLAB Mobile ask for a license number when I have a Student Version?

I am configuring MATLAB Mobile, but it's asking me to enter my license number. I am a student with a Student Version of MATLAB, so I only have a serial number. How do I continue?


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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 16 Aug 2013
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You will be asked to enter a license number when configuring MATLAB Mobile if you are logged into a MathWorks account that's not a student account. Verify that you are entering the email address and password for the same MathWorks account you registered your MATLAB Student Version.
This will also occur if your proof of student status is not verified or MATLAB Student Version hasn't been permanently activated. If MATLAB says it will expire in X days when opened, then it has not yet been perminantly activated.
If your proof of student status needs to be verified and you're not sure how to submit proof, see the related solution below.
If your proof of student status is verified, but MATLAB still says that it will expire when starting up, MATLAB needs to complete the permanent activation process. For instructions, see the related solution below.
After your student status is verified and MATLAB no longer is expiring, you must re-launch MATLAB Mobile and log into your account. Verify that you are closing and restarting MATLAB Mobile. MATLAB Mobile may still be running as a background process. End the process by double-tapping the Home button, find the MATLAB Mobile program in the running processes and press the red minus symbol to close the program. Then re-launch MATLAB Mobile.
MATLAB Mobile should now connect to the MATLAB Computing Cloud without asking for a license.
NOTE: The MATLAB Mobile Connector will also not be available for download unless your Student Status has been verified, and the permanent activation has been completed.


hellow mine is still asking for license even i enter the correct one
SHENG-HEN HSIEH please contact Mathworks for free support on installation problems.

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