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Is MISRA-C and MISRA AC ACG compliance information available for Embedded Coder?

I use MISRA-C and MISRA AC ACG and would like to find more information about how to best use MathWorks code generation tools within the MISRA-C "Guidelines for the use of the C language in vehicle based software." and MISRA AC ACG “Guidelines for the Application of MISRA-C:2004 in the Context of Automatic Code Generation.”

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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 24 Jan 2017
 Accepted Answer

You can find information regarding MathWorks support for MISRA-C at the following link:​

For inquiries about using MISRA-C and MISRA AC ACG with Simulink, Stateflow, or Embedded Coder, contact MathWorks Technical Support at:

Note that MathWorks has a MISRA-C:2004 checker as part of our Polyspace code verification products:

Polyspace offers a unique and powerful capability that detects run-time errors (such as divide by zero) as specified in MISRA C:2004 Rule 21.1.

For information about MISRA-C provided by the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association, visit:


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