Why do I get an error about an incorrect byte size when downloading MATLAB products?

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When I download MATLAB products, I get one of the following messages:
There was an error while downloading <filename>. Expected <filesize> bytes, but received <filesize> bytes. We recommend that you retry this download. What would you like to do?
The following error was detected while downloading <filename>:
Wrong number of bytes: Expected <filesize>, got <filesize>
Would you like to retry downloading <filename>?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 31 Oct 2016
This error occurs when Antivirus or security software is installed on your computer and blocking the download. Please temporarily disable the program and retry the download.

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Manish Mandal
Manish Mandal on 25 Sep 2019
I am only using WIndows Defender. I have disabled the firewall, still got the same error. Kindly assist in downloading and installing


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