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Which ports do downloading, installation, activation and validation use?

I need to know which ports are used by the MATLAB installation client, as well as MATLAB itself for license validation.


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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 18 Oct 2013
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In order to connect to MathWorks for downloading, installation, or activation purposes, the MathWorks installer needs to contact MathWorks servers on the following ports and addresses:
For Login Named User (LNU) licenses, the following domain must also be allowed:
The connection will be established over TCP ports 80 and 443. Your firewall needs to permit connections to both of these addresses over both of these ports.
The MATLAB client itself uses the same ports for license validation.


Does it mean that http server or skype, running on local machine will prevent installer connection?
No, those destination ports on the remote (mathworks) servers. The source ports on your local machine will be dynamically determined, typically above 35000, and always a port that is otherwise not being used (the source ports will be automatically determined by your operating system.)
Thanks, I was misleaded by "The MATLAB client itself uses the same ports for license validation."

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