How do I use the License Center?

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I am new to the License Center. How do I use the License Center?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 7 Dec 2023 at 0:00
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The MathWorks License Center allows you to manage most aspects of your product licenses through the web. To use the License Center you need to first login to your MathWorks account:
To navigate to your My Account page, click on your initials in the top right-hand corner and select My Account.To view your licenses, click on the "View additional Licenses or Trials" link to see which licenses are linked with your MathWorks Account.
The License Center provides centralized access for license management. The following are tasks that can be performed in the License Center. The abilities of License Center tasks will vary based on role (i.e. Administrator or End User).
  • View detailed information about licenses from a single user interface
  • Assign/Un-assign products from Master Licenses and between Licenses within the same Master License
    • Note: Dependent on product offering
  • Manage End Users and set Download and Activate permissions
  • Generate License Reports via the “Export License Data” feature
  • Generate License Files for R2008a and later
There are a number of things that a user or Administrator can do through their MathWorks account. Commonly asked questions with some links available to the answers can be found below.
Adding, removing or editing the Administrators
For instructions on Adding, removing or editing the Administrators on a Master License, see this article:
How do I change the Administrators on my License?
Adding, removing, or editing the License End Users
Once you have a list of your licenses, you can click on them and use the "Manage Users" tab to add or remove users. You can also use this tab to set the permissions that users of this license have to download and activate MATLAB. For step-by-step instructions see this related article:
How do I add or remove a Licensed End User to my license?
Master licenses are composed of Licenses, which may need to have products assigned to them. Unallocated products can remain on the Master license and as needed, the License Administrator can allocate the products from the Master License to Licenses within that Master License. Instructions on how to Assign or Remove Products are listed below.
How do I Assign or Transfer Products to my Licenses?
Note that the Remove/Assign Products feature is only available for Individual and Designated Computer options. For all other license options, contact MathWorks Support.
Contact MathWorks Support
Adding License Labels 
As an Administrator on a license, you can add Labels to both Master Licenses and Licenses to assist with identification and management. To do so please see the following instructions:
How do I add a Master License or License Label?
How do I download MATLAB and other MathWorks products?
How do I download an older release of MATLAB?
How do I activate MATLAB or other MathWorks Products?
How can I generate a License Report?

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