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How do I use the License Center?

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I am new to the License Center. I would like an overview of the things I can do in this section of your website.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 8 Aug 2019
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 8 Aug 2019
MathWorks License Center allows you to manage most aspects of your MATLAB licenses through the web. To use the License Center you need to first login to your MathWorks account:
Once you are in your "My Account" page, which can be accessed by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner and selecting 'My Account', you can click the " View additional Licenses or Trials" link to see which licenses are linked with your MathWorks Account.
Adding or editing users
Once you have a list of your licenses, you can click on them and use the "Manage Users" tab below to add users or edit the license contacts. You can also use this tab to set the permissions that users of this license have to download and activate MATLAB. For step-by-step instructions see this related article:
How do I add or remove a Licensed End User to my license?
*Adding products to a License *
Master licenses are composed of Licenses, which may need to have products assigned to them. Unallocated products can remain on the Master license and as needed the License Administrator can allocate these to licenses within that Master License. Instructions on how to Remove/Assign Products are listed below.
1.< Log in to your MathWorks Accoun>< t>
2. To view your Licenses, go to the License Center
3. Click on the License #
4. Go to the “Manage Products” tab
5. Click the button for “Remove/Assign Products”
6. A table of Assignable Products will appear to the right
7. Click on the green arrow icon to Assign a product
8. Click on the red arrow icon to Remove a product
9. Click the “Save New Configuration” button
Note that the Remove/Assign Products feature is only available for Individual and Designated Computer options. For all other license options, contact MathWorks Support.
*Adding License Labels *
As an Administrator on a license, you can add Labels to specific licenses. To do so please see the following instructions:
-< Log in to your MathWorks Accoun>< t>
-Click on the specific License
-Under the License Number, click on “Enter Label” for a new label or the pencil icon for an existing label
-Label the license as desired
-Click out of the Label Box
Generating a license file for a license
Click on the "Install and Activate" tab for the license you wish to use. On that tab will be a button labeled "Activate" - click that button to start the activation process and get the license file. You will be prompted for a Host ID, which you will need if it is not already in MathWorks database. Once you have the Host ID and the operating system to install on, you can fill out the fields required and complete the activation. Once this is complete, you can email or download the license file and FIK.
For an existing Activation you can click the Download button (arrow) or the Email button (envelope) for the current Activation.
Generating License Reports
You can then download various types of automatically generated License Reports via the " Export License Data " button toward the top of the screen in an Excel (.xls) format. The available report types are: Product Summary, Product Summary with Licensed End Users, Product Details, License Contacts, Activation Details, Unactivated Licenses and Licenses Without Users
Generating passcodes for versions prior to R2008a and for PolySpace
If you are requesting a passcodes for versions prior to R2008a and for PolySpace please contact Customer Support here contact MathWorks Support..


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Shoba Yendluri
Shoba Yendluri on 13 Mar 2018
The above info is very useful but I am not able to view all my licenses added to my profile.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Mar 2018
Please contact Mathworks Support about that.

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