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Why am I unable to browse to a mapped network drive when activating on Windows 7?

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I am trying to browse to a license file in order to complete manual activation of MATLAB or installation of a network client. On the screen where I am told to select a license file, I try to browse to my mapped network drive. However, the mapped drive does not appear in the browse dialogue box. How do I browse to my license file?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 13 Apr 2010
Currently, the installer and activation client cannot browse to a mapped drive on Windows 7. Our development team has been made aware of this issue and is currently working on a fix.
As a workaround, copy the license file to somewhere on your local system that you can browse to, such as your desktop. After installation and activation completes you can delete this file.
Alternately, you can type the full path of the license file on the network drive into the license path field (instead of using browse).

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Yeman Brhane Hagos
Yeman Brhane Hagos on 13 Jan 2020
I had same problem on Windows 10, I managed to solve it as follows:
When you activate matlab, it asks you to enter windows user name. This user name should be the same as the window log in user name, but initially I was using different user name. That is why, I was able to see the mapped drives in windows explorer, but not able to access them in Matlab. The solution was to activate matlab again and put the correct user name.
I hope this helps.

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Olja Barbir
Olja Barbir on 5 Sep 2016
I had the problem that I could not get it to work with the path "F:/path/to/file". What I had to do to get it to work is the following:
  1. Open cmd
  2. Type in "net use" to list all network drives
  3. Under Remote you will see something like this "\\111.222.333.44\Identifier"
  4. Use this instead of the "F:" in your path, e.g. "\\111.222.333.44\Identifier\path\to\file"
You're welcome


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