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Why do I receive the error "An error has occurred" when I try to log in to my MathWorks Account in Simulink 8.1 (R2013a)?

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I am trying to install Simulink support packages via targetinstaller. My PC is using a proxy to connect to the internet.
When I start targetinstaller (via the command line or Add-Ons > Get Hardware support packages in the toolstrip), I can select the support packages I am looking to install. However, when I proceed to log in to my MathWorks account, I receive the following error:
"An Error has occurred"
My password and account name are correct. I can access the web using the WEB function. I can access online documentation - the requested login for the online help works fine.
I get the same error message whether or not I configure MATLAB to use a proxy server.
I tried downloading the support packages directly from MATLAB central. However, on installing, the same login was required which returned the same error.

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 30 Nov 2017
This is a bug. To workaround the issue, in a new MATLAB session:
  1. Define proxy settings in your MATLAB Web preferences. On the *Home* tab, in the *Environment* section, click *Preferences > Web*, and then set the proxy options.
  2. Turn off the automatic detection of Windows proxy settings in MATLAB by running the following command:
java.lang.System.setProperty('com.mathworks.useSystemProxies', 'false')
  1. Start the login process again.


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