5 Years of Cody
5 Years of Cody Text

Cody is an online MATLAB problem-solving game that helps you sharpen your programming skills and learn from solutions provided by others. Join the fun as we celebrate Cody’s fifth anniversary with a pair of community-contributed problem sets specially designed to offer a variety of challenges for novice and experienced programmers alike.

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Meet Our Contributors

A special thanks to all of the Cody community members who made this event possible by contributing problems. To learn more about this talented, diverse group of puzzlers, check out their Community Profiles by simply clicking on their pictures.

Contest Finishers

Congratulations to all those who finished both of our Challenge problem groups. You rock!

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Code Along with Stuart

Tune into this Facebook Live event to see Cody problems being solved in real time. Watch and learn as real-life programmers (not actors) go through the trial and error process of getting to a correct solution.