Carlos Castillo

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Carlos Castillo submitted a Comment to Problem 24. Function Iterator

Wow! This was a wild one to throw in this spot, after only 23 sort of basic problems for the ones that do the challenge in this order. Shout out to those fellow members who pointed out to the nested functions documentation. Probably it would help a lot if the explanation was a bit more clear. For example, that thing about "returns a scalar output and an integer n >= 1" is very confusing. The only thing that's returned is the scalar output. Probably you meant that the function takes a scalar input and an integer n>=1—which is actually true—but it's not clear. Another thing, the examples can really be misleading, especially that addTen handle, which doesn't really mean "add ten" but "add one ten times." Anyway, great problem. I see it served as an introduction function handles and nested functions for many, including myself.

on 8 Jun 2019

Carlos Castillo submitted a Comment to Solution 1717598

Isn't the use of regexp or regexprep supposed to be limited? It's not that I dislike using it, it's just that these string problems seem to be becoming a regexprep practice.

on 30 Jan 2019

Carlos Castillo submitted a Comment to Solution 1708581

This would be the replication of a single built-in function.

on 18 Jan 2019

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