Solution 171632

Submitted on 3 Dec 2012 by Jean-Marie Sainthillier
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
%% d1 = datenum('10-Nov-2010'); d2 = datenum('10-Feb-2011'); y_correct = {'30-Nov-2010','31-Dec-2010','31-Jan-2011'}; [y{1:3}]=month_ends(d1,d2); assert(isequal(y,y_correct))

2   Pass
%% d1 = datenum('31-Jan-2000'); d2 = datenum('10-Apr-2000'); y_correct = {'31-Jan-2000','29-Feb-2000','31-Mar-2000'}; [y{1:3}]=month_ends(d1,d2); assert(isequal(y,y_correct))