Problem 1159. Coin Tossing: Probability of Same Heads for N tosses

Solution 985700

Submitted on 28 Sep 2016 by Ben Petschel
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
assert(isequal(.5, round(1e6*coin_head_match(1))/1e6))

2   Pass
assert(isequal(.375, round(1e6*coin_head_match(2))/1e6))

3   Pass
assert(isequal(.3125, round(1e6*coin_head_match(3))/1e6))

4   Pass
assert(isequal(.273438, round(1e6*coin_head_match(4))/1e6))

5   Pass
assert(isequal(.246094, round(1e6*coin_head_match(5))/1e6))

6   Pass
assert(isequal(.225586, round(1e6*coin_head_match(6))/1e6))

7   Pass
assert(isequal(.139950, round(1e6*coin_head_match(16))/1e6))

8   Pass
assert(isequal(.125371, round(1e6*coin_head_match(20))/1e6))

9   Pass
assert(isequal(.114567, round(1e6*coin_head_match(24))/1e6))

10   Pass

11   Pass
assert(isequal(.099347, round(1e6*coin_head_match(32))/1e6))

12   Pass
assert(isequal(.070386, round(1e6*coin_head_match(64))/1e6))