Problem 1206. Angles of the hands of a clock

For this problem, consider an analog (or at least continuous digital representation) of a clock. Our clock is a 12 hour clock with an hour, minute, and second hand.

You'll receive a row vector that is [hours minutes seconds]. For this input time, determine the angles between the hands of the clock. All times for the clock will be times before 12:00:00, and all hour minute and second entries will correspond with real times. No error checking is required.

You need to provide a two element row vector that is, in degrees, [(angle between hour and minute hand) (angle between minute and second hand)].

While not terribly hard, the problem is a bit trickier than it will appear to many at first glance.

Solution Stats

54.93% Correct | 45.07% Incorrect
Last solution submitted on Sep 13, 2016

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