Problem 2075. twins or duplicate

You have to find if someone is present in 2 lists even if there's one orthographic fault in his name. Consider that an orthographic fault affect only one carractere (missing or different)

A person is defined with first name, last name and birthdate : for example

 Jean MARTINOT (28/04/1983) 
 Gean MARTINOT (28/04/1983) is an orthographic fault
 Jena MARTINOT (28/04/1983) is a twin of Jean
 JEAN MARTINO (28/04/1983) is an orthographic fault (case insensitive)

Input : 2 List of people Output : List of people in ListeA who are in ListeB too (return {} if empty solution)

Solution Stats

30.77% Correct | 69.23% Incorrect
Last solution submitted on Jul 14, 2015
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