Problem 44853. Mean number of letters per word (Hard)

Solution 2894498

Submitted on 31 Aug 2020 by Rafael S.T. Vieira
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
filetext = fileread('your_fcn_name.m'); assert(isempty(strfind(filetext,'eval'))) assert(isempty(strfind(filetext,'echo'))) assert(isempty(strfind(filetext,'switch')))

2   Pass
[a,g] = your_fcn_name(''); assert(isempty(a)) assert(isempty(g))

3   Pass
[a,g] = your_fcn_name(' '); assert(isempty(a)) assert(isempty(g))

4   Pass
[a,g] = your_fcn_name(' ,& '); assert(isempty(a)) assert(isempty(g))

5   Pass
[a,g] = your_fcn_name([]); assert(isempty(a)) assert(isempty(g))

6   Pass
[a,g] = your_fcn_name('23'); assert(isequal(a,0.000)) assert(isequal(g,0.000))

7   Pass
[a,g] = your_fcn_name(' The quick, brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.'); assert(isequal(a,3.889)) assert(isequal(g,3.792))

8   Pass
[a,g] = your_fcn_name('...another 1 bites the dust...'); assert(isequal(a,3.800)) assert(isequal(g,0.000))

9   Pass
[a,g] = your_fcn_name('Is ''antidisestablishmentarianism'' the longest (nonscientific) word in the English language ?'); assert(isequal(a,7.700)) assert(isequal(g,5.386))

10   Pass
[a,g] = your_fcn_name('I ate pudding :-)'); assert(isequal(a,3.667)) assert(isequal(g,2.759))

11   Pass
[a,g] = your_fcn_name('I hate pudding!'); assert(isequal(a,4.000)) assert(isequal(g,3.037))

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