Solution 156937

Submitted on 2 Nov 2012
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
%% a=1; [b] = Running_2pt_sum(a); assert(isequal(b,1)) a=3; [b] = Running_2pt_sum(a); assert(isequal(b,4)) a=-4; [b] = Running_2pt_sum(a); assert(isequal(b,-1)) a=12; [b] = Running_2pt_sum(a); assert(isequal(b,8)) a=-4; [b] = Running_2pt_sum(a); assert(isequal(b,8))

Error: Error: File: Running_2pt_sum.m Line: 3 Column: 12 The PERSISTENT declaration must precede any use of the variable b.