The MATLAB Online Programming Contest

About MATLAB Central Contests

MATLAB Central Contests were held semi-annually to inspire programmers to develop and share winning code. Each contest presented a different problem to solve. Topics varied in range and focus from gene sequencing to surveying planets. For every contest, contestants submit hundreds of entries to earn the coveted top spot. In these online contests, contestants compete with the best programmers from all over the world!

Recent Contests

Contest Date Top Entry
Knots Contest Oct 2012 Cheeeese
by Raphaël Candelier
Tiles Contest Apr 2012 CatsAreComing?
by Sergey Y.
Vines Nov 2011 lasttry03
by Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
Crossword Apr 2011 Rapid Weight Loss May Be Harmful
by Nicholas Howe
Sailing Home Nov 2010 Lost Sailor Final5
by Andre Fioravanti
Sensor Apr 2010 Overfitting is a fool's game
by Hannes Naudé
Color Bridge Nov 2009 lasttry01
by Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
Army Ants Nov 2008 Rogue Ant 4
by David
Wiring Apr 2008 tweaky bird and pushy cat 21
by srach
Gene Splicing Nov 2007 ones 8
by Markus
Peg Solitaire May 2007 Buy a ticket
by Yi Cao
Blackbox Nov 2006 End of it all
by Alan Chalker
Blockbuster Apr 2006 typ2
by the cyclist
Sudoku Nov 2005 CT 1
by the cyclist
Ants May 2005 soo sneaky
by the cyclist
Moving Furniture Nov 2004 asdf1
by GUO
Gerrymandering Apr 2004 dm1
by Paulo Uribe
MATLAB Golf: Snake Nov 2003 Revolution IV
by Nicke
MATLAB Golf: Pathfinder Nov 2003 PPath IV
by Per Rutquist
MATLAB Golf: Heaviest Nov 2003 FDA12.01
by François Glineur
MATLAB Golf: Infection Nov 2003 FSec4
by Claus Still
MATLAB Golf: Encryption Nov 2003 PCode
by Per Rutquist
MATLAB Golf: Palindrome Nov 2003 Shame n
by Imre Polik
MATLAB Golf: Frequencies Nov 2003 j11
by Guy Shechter
Trucking Freight Apr 2003 More tricks
by Ave
Protein Folding Nov 2002 Santa Claus
by MR Keenan
Molecule May 2002 turbf1
by Paulo Uribe
Mastermind Sep 2001 fcol_a_05
by Stijn Helsen
Gene Sequencing Mar 2000 GFD6e
by Francois Glineur
Mars Surveyor Jun 1999 NoSoup4U !1
by Paulo Uribe
Binpack Dec 1998 cumsumshortsort
by Hakan Erdogan