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Week 2 winners announced! New categories for Week 3.

Chen Lin on 20 Nov 2023
Latest activity Reply by Chen Lin on 11 Dec 2023

Just in two weeks, we already have 300 entries and 2,000 votes! We are so impressed by your creative styles, artistic talents, and ingenious programming techniques.
Now, it’s time to announce the weekly winners!
Mini Hack Winners - Week 2
Time & Space:
Multi-Entry Stories:
Congratulations! Each of you won your choice of a T-shirt, a hat, or a coffee mug. We will contact you after the contest ends.
New categories for Week 3!
  • 40: MathWorks will celebrate its 40th Anniversary in 2024. You will have opportunities to win special prizes!
  • Most creative remix
Categories we’d love to see more entries in
Finally, just a reminder that you have a direct impact on the next generation of animation tools in MATLAB! Don’t forget to share your thoughts and ideas with us.
Ze Chen
Ze Chen on 11 Dec 2023
When can I get my coffee mug?
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 11 Dec 2023
Hi Ze. We've finalized the winners list. You will hear from us in about 1 week. Thanks for your patience.