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Community Contests 2022. Have Fun and Win Big Prizes!

Chen Lin on 16 Sep 2022 (Edited on 21 Oct 2022)
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You are invited to enter 2 fun community contests: MATLAB Mini Hack 2022 and Cody 10th Anniversary. The contests are designed for you to have fun, win prizes, and sharpen MATLAB skills. Participants across all skill levels are welcome to join!
How to Play
1. MATLAB Mini Hack 2022 contest:
Use up to 280 characters of MATLAB code to generate an interesting image. Sounds challenging? You can still participate by simply voting for the images you love.
2. Cody 10th Anniversary contest:
Solve at least 1 Cody problem per day during the 4-week contest period. We will reward participants with the longest streak of days of problem-solving!
You will have opportunities to win compelling prizes, including Amazon gift cards, MathWorks T-shirts, and virtual badges. We will give out both weekly prizes and grand prizes. Check out the rules & prize section on each contest page for details.
Interested in joining? Follow the contests!
Click the ‘Follow the contests’ button to follow/register for the contest. You will get notified when the contests start. After contests start, you will also receive important announcements and prize information.
Teodo on 30 Oct 2022
this is a GREAT COMPETITION, and an opportunity to exchange beautiful art-work among users and enthusiasts of MATLAB programing language and Software Package! Furthermore, all that, is based on programing in superb MATLAB, while We enjoy the fair-competitive side of Mini Hack and Cody events!
BUT, that being said, personally, I would regret, if not speaking out - in time, before the final results/decisions of MATLAB judges, regarding the winning of prizes.
There are entry's, for whom, mainly vote recently created MATLAB accounts, with no badges, no previous history, nothing. Those accounts, in matter of hours, cast more votes, than some of us fairly had received in a month. Additionally, they even do not hide their voting cheat, in a way that they vote continuously for their entry. It is a shame, and a disgrace - for them, personally, and professionally.
Those, I must say, dishonest "individuals", try only to win prizes by cheating, blurring the point of science and this beautiful competition.
In the name of fair play, and in the name of these amazing competitions: Please, review, all the behavior as upper mentioned, and have it in mind in the process of deciding/judging the winners in a fair and objective manner.
Thank You, in advance, and in the name of all fair persons here, that attended joyfully this competition.
Teodo on 1 Nov 2022 (Edited on 1 Nov 2022)
I have responded to you Anton, but my comment is waiting to be authorised by MATLAB team - due to their inner web algoritm of anti-spam protection.
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 30 Oct 2022
Hi Teodo. Thanks for raising the issue. We will review the votes on winning entries as we did last year. The final announcement will come out later this week.
Victoria on 31 Oct 2022
Hi! I would like to notify that yesterday evening about 25 students of our university voted for my pumpkin entry almost simultaneously. One vote is one person. They like the MATLAB contest and wanted to support me. I'm for the fair play too and hope we haven't break any contest rules.
Teodo on 31 Oct 2022 (Edited on 1 Nov 2022)
Those 25 students that created new accounts (IF, they are different persons, and how you can know that, if you haven't encouraged them to do so...), without badges, and nothing, and started relentlessly voting for you - ARE NOT SUPPORTING YOU, BUT CHEATING THE OTHER FAIR PLAYERS.
I have students, too, but I do not encourage them, or inform them what I am doing in MATLAB contest, so that they can "deduce" silently, of the need to support... Beside, beeing UNETHICAL - explain that to your students "why that it is the case", it is so UNFAIR to all others, because they created accounts just to vote!?
BUT, you are not alone - exactly the first 10 "players" on the leaderbord, are doing the same thing, EXCEPT ONLY OF MATLAB STAFF.
So, IF, you are an educator, and working in a knowledge and science related institution, you should know better what is ETHICAL, AND WHAT IS UNETHICAL, to say the least.
I have much more to say, but it will go in a much wider analysis...
Victoria on 1 Nov 2022 (Edited on 1 Nov 2022)
I know they are different persons because they provided their names as we see in the log and then they told me that. They voted by their free will and created accounts to become the part of the community. Probably, they will take part in the next contests. Now they ask me to organize a similar contest for them with the tasks available for the beginners.
Rules state "Promote your entry to gain popularity", so how could you "promote" something, if you are not even informing about it?!
If to talk about ethics, to my opinion, it is not very polite to vote for an entry at the beginning of the contest and to unvote at the end, as you did. Either you like the entry or not.
Teodo on 1 Nov 2022 (Edited on 1 Nov 2022)
The names in the log(s) are not a proof that they are different persons. That log, is only proofing that those are newly created account(s) - from one or different persons. Nothing more, and nothing less. Furthermore, on all this, we should believe on your word, which is, taking into account all the circumstances, hard to do. Openly or silently, calling student(s) to vote for a professor, is a collusion and "trading with influence". Will they, or not, take a part in some future contests, it is again, not a proof, but a guess. In exact matters, we do not rely on "guesses", but only hard-substantiated proofs and facts. As a professor in science, you should especially know that.
Let me educate you on the matter of promotion: Promotion is not cheating. Promotion is to disseminate the information in a wider possible circle, and not only to the one (circle) that brings personal benefits to you. In this case, ALLEGEDLY, you informed, your (!) students, to vote for your entry, en masse (!). That is not promoting, that is, as I said: UNETHICAL.
Yes, I deleted the vote for your entry, because I do not cast votes for someone who is UNETHICAL AND CHEATING, when I saw what you were doing... Politeness does not exist in science, rather, just hard proof and facts. Someone, like it, or not. Precisely, what and how, I have stated.
BUT, again, you are not alone - first 10 entries on leaderboard did the same thing (and again, excluding only MATLAB staff).
A collegial and benevolent advice - from a student educator, as well as you are: to students, you need to give your own rightful example, in the best light possible. What, and how, you learn them, they will behave throughout their whole life carriers. And, what you did, is not a good example.
Anton Kogios
Anton Kogios on 1 Nov 2022 (Edited on 1 Nov 2022)
I was not going to get involved in this but, Teodo, I believe you have falsely accused me. I am a student at university and a passionate fan of MATLAB - hence my participation in the competition. I did not tell anyone about the competition until the last day or so, at which point I told some of my friends. Importantly, I told them because I knew them well enough personally to know that they were maths/engineering students who had undertaken subjects that use MATLAB at my university, and so would have already had MathWorks accounts. I believe this is well within the bounds of the competition - Chen stated in one of the announcements: "During the last week of this contest, we strongly encourage you to inspire your colleagues, classmates, or friends to vote. Let the world know the beauty of Mathematics."
I did not want to get involved in this thread because I do not think bickering here amongst ourselves will get us anywhere. I had agreed with your initial comment that you first posted, and Chen has replied and said that it will be reviewed. As such, I suggest that you wait until results are released before making further comments, and leave constructive feedback on the competition so it can be improved the next time it runs. I say this because I believe the MathWorks staff are logical people and are capable of making a decision on this matter. I do not doubt that they are aware of the core values of MathWorks, and, regardless of whether we think others have been unethical or not, they will be able to set a good example to the MathWorks community.
At the end of the day, I empathise with your frustration. People exhibit poor behaviour which often has negative impacts on other people's experiences. However, such is life and there is not much we can do about it apart from dealing with it in a worthy manner, setting a good example for others, and moving on with our lives.
Teodo on 1 Nov 2022
By entering the discussion, Anton, you already "said" something... I did not falsely accuse anyone, BUT TRULY AND FACT BASED, so, people whom entry had an intake of casted 50+ votes in a day, or in few hours (especially, the last day of competition) - whoever voted for it by creating new accounts with "nothing" in their record, acted UNETICALY. Therefore, if you have recognized yourself in my words - as you obviously did, there is a substance to it, in UNETHICAL behavior. I have explained in upper text why it is UNETHICAL, and I will not repeat myself. If you like, you can easily see it above, and read it again.
By posting the link of competition rules, you did not prove your rightfulness, and did not cast away the reasonable doubt of unethical behavior. Unethical, does not mean that you broke the rules, but that it is unethical. You have much more to learn from life. In addition, a friendly suggestion (by a much older person than you): don't be lethargic and "give away" in life, with the sentence: "well, that is life, what can you do with it...", BUT, rather: fight, stand up, point your finger on injustice and wrongdoing, call out the wrongdoing, or, as in this case: UNETHICAL behavior And, no, :), I am not frustrated at all, actually, I fell much better after pointing out to this problem in the public, and speaking out. Gen X "thing"... Maybe, you cannot understand it, yet...
I do not doubt a moment of the intelligence, and the fair approach, of ALL MATLAB Staff - as I already said in one of my posts. However, it does not "hurt" to emphasize (remember: point out the finger...) to the wrongdoers - on contrary it helps the truth. By posting this comment(s) and pointing out the wrongdoing, probably, I already changed the rules to a fairer setup in future. Alternatively, at least, it would be reasonable, to expect that...
And, now, the most important thing for you: by trying to empathies with some euphemisms the UNETHICAL AND CHEATING behavior ("I told my friends, etc.etc."), you cannot dismay intelligent people to believe you. On contrary, you can only confirm their standpoint.
Teodo on 30 Oct 2022
Thank You, and MATLAB Central, for taking all into account - fairly and objectivly, as always.
掌权 on 25 Oct 2022
Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 18 Oct 2022

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