Human Circulatory System with Electric Components

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This is a Simulink project to provide the values of pressure and flow in the human circulatory system with electric circuits components.


Updated 3 Jun 2022

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This is a Simulink project to model the human circulatory system (arteries, capillaries, and veins) using electric circuit components. The model uses the reported circuit diagram for the human vessels in [1] and further discussed in [3]. We use the model for the heart following the mathematical model in [2].
The electric parameters for the resistors, inductors, and capacitors are specified in the file init_fcn.m, while the graphs are plotted in the stop_fcn.m. The project runs directly from the file Human_circulatory_system.slx.
All the electric parameters from the original design in [1] are included in the init_fcn.m file, which follow the International System of Units (SI). In this project, we assume a zero impact of gravity (lying in bed), but it can be further specified by modifying the g-force parameter in line 12 from init_fcn.m.
Files provided here are the following:
  • Simulink Project "HSP_Rideout.slx": Runs the project and self call dependencies as the .m files.
  • File to initiate all the electric parameters in the project: init_fcn.m.
  • File to plot results after running the simulink project: stop_fcn.m.
[1] M. F. Snyder and V. C. Rideout. 1969. Computer Simulation Studies of the Venous Circulation. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering BME-16, 4 (Oct. 1969), 325–334.
[2] Zhe Hu. 2001. HSP.
[3] Jorge Torres Gómez, Regine Wendt, Anke Kuestner, Ketki Pitke, Lukas Stratmann,and Falko Dressler. 2021. Markov Model for the Flow of Nanobots in the HumanCirculatory System. In8th ACM International Conference on Nanoscale Computing and Communication (NANOCOM 2021). ACM, Virtual Conference.

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