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Active Disturbance Rejection Control (ADRC) Toolbox

version 1.1.3 (371 KB) by ADRC Toolbox
Easy-to-use, single-block ADRC controller for Simulink (with examples)


Updated 29 Nov 2021

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The goal of the Active Disturbance Rejection Control (ADRC) Toolbox is to provide an intuitive contol solution for Simulink, allowing to implement the ADRC algorithm in simulations/experiments quickly and with low effort.
The ADRC Toolbox contains ADRC controller, which is a single, drag-and-drop, Simulink function block that encapsulates a specific continous-time error-based ADRC algorithm. For simplicity and compactness, the ADRC controller is developed as a single input (feedback error signal), single output (control signal) block, which can be used as a powerful alternative to the conventional PID controller.
The design parameters of the implemented ADRC algorithm can be easily changed using the provided graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI also allows to activate two practical functionalities, namely: saturation of the control signal and anti-peaking mechanism.
The ADRC Toolbox comes with five examples using a variety of control problems known from motion, process, and power control areas:
Option #1 (from File Exchange)
All files related to the ADRC Toolbox, including code, data, and examples, are conveniently packaged into a single MATLAB toolbox installation file (.mltbx), which can be downloaded by clicking Download --> Toolbox.
Option #2 (from MATLAB)
You can also install the ADRC Toolbox directly from MATLAB by clicking Add-Ons --> Get Add-Ons --> search 'adrc toolbox' --> Add.