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Hybrid Symbolic and Numerical Simulation Studies of Time-fractional Order

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Boundary control of time-fractional order diffusion-wave systems is becoming an active research area. However, there is no readily available simulation tool till now for researchers to analyze and design controllers. In this paper, a simulation method for some typical boundary control problems, combining symbolic mathematics and numerical method, is presented with two application examples. In the intermediate steps of the simulation, an important by-product, the transfer function of the controlled system, can be obtained, which makes the design of more advanced boundary controllers possible and much easier.

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Jinsong Liang and YangQuan Chen. ?Hybrid Symbolic and Numerical Simulation Studies of Time-fractional Order Wave-Diffusion Systems?, Int. J. of Control. Special Issue on on the Use of Computer Algebra Systems for Computer Aided Control System Design. (In press, 2006)

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