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Get Hyperlink to Help Browser Page

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Create Hyperlink to ANY MATLAB Help Browser Page in your Function Help

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Updated 07 Apr 2006

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Provide HREF text for Hyperlink to a Help Page Document
Grabs the document link from the page currently open in the MATLAB Help Browser (doc).
HTML text can be provided in MATLAB help pages for functions.
This is useful when a specific help page in the MATLAB documentation needs to be referenced. The doc command itself is only supported (as of R2006a) for function names, not general topics.
However, this function provides text that can be used in a simple HTML command in the help text to achieve this goal.

The function help describes in detail exactly how to take this information and compose it as a hyperlink in the help text of your own M-file function.

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Another useful link in help text

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Created with R2006a
Compatible with any release
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