Wireless Testbench Support Package for NI USRP Radios

Test wideband wireless systems and perform spectrum monitoring
Updated 19 Jun 2024
Wireless Testbench™ support package for NI™ USRP™ radios offers seamless integration and configuration of NI USRP radios within the Wireless Testbench environment. This package includes a dedicated USRP hardware driver (UHD) and pre-configured FPGA bitstreams.
This support package with NI USRP hardware enables users to perform transmit and capture of wideband wireless signals. This also facilitates spectrum monitoring and the testing of wideband wireless systems. Additionally, high-rate signal capture enables data set creation for the training of deep-learning models for wireless applications.
You can set waveform-specific characteristics in hardware to trigger the capture of data of interest for post-processing and analysis in MATLAB. You can work with standards-based signals like 5G, WLAN, and DVB-S2 at their native rates and custom signals at desired rates with hardware-accelerated resampling.
The support package enables you to integrate custom IP blocks such as filters, synchronizers, and more into the signal processing chain on the USRP FPGA (with HDL Coder).
For details about compatible USRP radios, see supported radio devices
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MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2022a
Compatible with R2022a to R2024b
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS (Apple silicon) macOS (Intel) Linux

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