Convert Seaglider PMAR-XL sound files to .wav format

version 1.0.3 (7.56 KB) by David Mellinger
Read Seaglider audio PMAR-XL .dat files; also convert them to WAVE (.wav) or other soundfile format, optionally downsampling in the process.


Updated 7 Jul 2022

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pmarIn.m function: Read sound from a PMAR-XL (Seaglider acoustic system) file and return the samples and header information.
convertPmar.m script: Given one or more directories, each full of subdirectories with .dat soundfiles recorded by the PMAR-XL acoustic recording system on a Seaglider(tm), convert the soundfiles to WAVE (.wav) files. The resulting .wav files have the start date/time of each PMAR file in the .wav file name. Also create a fileheaders.txt file in each of these directories with a copy of the header portion of each .dat file, which is text. Optionally, filter and downsample the files to a lower sample rate as they're being converted (downsampling requires the signal processing toolbox).

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David Mellinger (2022). Convert Seaglider PMAR-XL sound files to .wav format (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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