Newton-Rhapson Method for 2 equations and 2 variables

version 1.0.9 (2.36 KB) by David Cazenave
Newton's method for 2 equations and 2 variables via matrix multiplication inside a while loop.


Updated 17 Aug 2022

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This script uses matrix multiplication in a while loop to calculate the zero(s) of f(x,y) = 0 and g(x,y) = 0, (2 equations and 2 variables), via the Newton-Rhapson method. It plots the zero level curves and the iterations of the method. It displays the iterations in a table in the command window. The script needs 3 inputs: the 2 equations, and the starting point entered as a column vector. The screen shot, left of title, shows example of zero of the two equations: f = y-sin(x), g = y-x^2+1 with starting point [-2;2], in the command and figure windows.

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David Cazenave (2022). Newton-Rhapson Method for 2 equations and 2 variables (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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