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dispx: Display styled string in xterm

version (2.45 KB) by Douglas Schwarz
Display string with underlined, bold or colored characters in an xterm.


Updated 12 Jun 2006

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This function allows you to display strings in an xterm with bold, underline, blink and/or color attributes. The format is controlled by embedding commands in the string, similar to LaTeX (though with far less functionality). For example,

dispx('The word \fg{r}{red} will be red.')

This capability will not work with the Desktop user interface, only in an xterm. That is the interface you get on Linux and Mac OS X when you start MATLAB with

matlab -nodesktop

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Douglas Schwarz (2020). dispx: Display styled string in xterm (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Douglas Schwarz

Frederic, I suppose it would be possible, but it would have to be done in a completely different way. I assume changes to the Desktop interface itself would have to be made. My program uses ANSI escape sequences which certainly do not work in the Desktop.

Frederic Moisy

Nice! Is it technically possible to extend this feature for the Desktop command window?

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