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AcMus - Room Acoustic Parameters

version (22 KB) by Bruno S. Masiero
This toolbox will generate and deconvolve acoustic signals, so to calculate the impulse response of


Updated 27 Apr 2007

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At first, the acoustic excitation signal should be generated. A sine sweep can be made with the Matlab function chirp and the MLS signal can be made with the files mls, where the desired order must be specified.
After playback of the sound, the recorded signal of the room must be deconvolved, using either the function dechirp or demls. This functions will provide the room's impulse response (RIR).

With the RIR, the room acoustic paramenters can be extracted using either Chu, Hirata or Lundeby methods, respectively with chuparam, hrtparam and ldbparam. The parameters will be printed in a text file, called tabela.txt.

This toolbox was the used for developing a room acoustics open software at the Universidade de São Paulo. The java based AcMus software can be freely downloaded at

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jing zhang

Mehmet Onur

Hi for demls function,
I need to initiate media and t ...
what should be used for them ?

Mehmet Onur

I created mls file but I do not know what to do next... I have to play it but which matlab file shall I use ? All I need is to measure my room impulse response, I would be gratefull if somebody helps me .thanx in advance

Christopher Suprock

Very good. However, I may suggest a function to deconvolve the microphone frequency response from the signal before generating the impulse response of the room. The way it is written now seems to assume that the microphone response is flat over the frequency range of the sine sweep.

Silvana SG

The MATLAB function Filtros is missing!! what can I do about that? What type of filter is it?

Philippe-Aubert Gauthier

It is very efficient. But I noticed some errors in some functions. I think that the user's sampling frequency is overided by 44.1Khz or 48kHz in the code so that time axis might be wrong. Be careful. Thanks for the translation!

Philippe-Aubert Gauthier

Seems efficient ... but I am having trouble to understand all the functions explanations since they are in spanish ... it would be great to have it in english.

vian asics

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