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System Identification using GA with a GUI interface

version 1.2 (15 KB) by Wesam Elshamy
Idnetifying ARX model of a system using Genetic Algorithms with a GUI interface and compare it to Le


Updated 30 Nov 2014

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This code identifies an ARX model of a system using Genetic Algorithms method in a GUI interfcae and compares the identified model with the model generated using the Least Error method.
The real system O/P, GA model generated O/p and Least Error model O/P are all compared in a single plot, while the Sum of Absolute Error is calculated and displayed for both models for comparison.

GA parameters are initialized with default parameters, but could easily be modified from the GUI interface.

The GUI is initialized with a ready I/P and O/P data and ARX orders as well, so you can hit "Estimate Model" to test the code without having to generate I/O data. (you can replace this data with your own)

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Nicholas Athanas

Very Nice!
Works great!



Now available in Toolbox format.

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