Modeling and Control of a Wheel-Legged Robot

This is a system made in Simscape, simulating a wheel-legged robot. Multiple joints work together to achieve self-balancing.
Updated 14 Oct 2022

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This is the result of the final year major project done while completing my Robotics degree.
The project was done by designing and assembling a 6 DoF robot in a CAD software, exporting the files in ".STEP" format and then importing everything to Simscape where it was simulated. One of the aims for this project was to make it as realistic as possible.
The entire progress of this project can be found on my final project blog. It contains media for testings and results but it also references the useful guides, concepts and examples studied.
Contents that will be downloaded:
-"CAD files" , it is a folder containing all .STEP files used
-"2_wheel_legged_robot_FullAssembly.xml" used by Simscape to reference the geometries and use them as "Solid" blocks
-"FullAssembly_system.slx" the only file that needs to be executed first to open the project and give access to the final system
-"x2_wheel_legged_robot_FullAssembly_DataFile.m" is needed by the .xml file to set block parameters
When starting the simulation, on my own computer it runs around 30-40 minutes to see a 10 seconds playable simulation, which isn't ideal when doing "trial and error". If anyone finds a solution to improve the runtime of the simulation please don't hesitate to contact me!

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Aurel Marian (2024). Modeling and Control of a Wheel-Legged Robot (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Compatible with R2021b to R2022a
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